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Partnership for Change

Date Donations
2014 $ 350.000

Partnership for change

In 2013, Partnership for Change, Barbara Bauer, Myanmar Director, started an English immersion program for young adults in Nyaung Shwe village near Inle 
Lake, Myanmar. At the same time, the Social Innovation fund of Partnership for Change started a nearby vocational school in partnership with local entrepreneur Yin Myi Suu. 
Barbara Bauer in Myanmar

As PfC gained the trust of the community, local leaders asked for help to rebuild a village school. The school building was lterally falling to the ground, and 800 students needed a safe and solid building. 

With funds from The Erna and Knut Eng Children Foundation, the new school and the first classrooms opened in June 2014. Teachers and parents helped a construction team of skilled experts tear down the old building, repaired and reused the materials, set foundations, and built structural supports. All re-useable material  was saved and used  for the new building, which was completed within 6 months, a year earlier than expected. The speedy process was possible due to enthusiastic contribution from the community, parents, and our local partners.  

After almost 2 generations of neglect from the Burmese government in regards to education, local authorities, parents and children are eager to get the education level back to the standards needed for the country to grow. Economic growth and building a democratic country require a well educated population. In Nyaung Shwe economic growth is expected to be substantial. The new school will help ensure that the local community can be in charge of this development, and make sure the local community will benefit from the growth.

The new school is a fundamental and welcome support in the development of the community of Nyaung Shwe.

South Sudan

PfC began working in South Sudan in 2014 when we partnered with the South Sudan Youth Sport Association (SSYSA) to bring a youth football team from South Sudan to Norway to participate in the Norway Cup. The exchange trip was so successfull that we decided to strengthen our ties with SSYSA and provide on-going support for its programs to empower youth through football. Together with SSYSA, we have reached over 9,000 youth that are organized in over 500 teams, including teams of girls and street boys.

With donations from Erna and Knut Engs Children Foundation there has been built a full-scale football field, and a sun-powered watersystem in 2015. The watersystem provides clean water to about 10.000 people, including shower facilities for the school and members of SSYSA using the football field.


Partnership for Change
Barbara T. Bauer
Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar +95 (0)9 250048568
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