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Aid in Action, Kenya

Date Donations
2011 $ 95.000

In 2008, Anne Louise Hübert (23) went backpacking to Kenya. On her journey, she came to Gombolo village. The children were starving, due to a severe drought, and she immediately started helping them.


Anne Louise started Aid in Action, and are focusing on sustainable development, were the population in 10 villages (approx. 30.000 people) are engaged in planting competitions such as planting as many trees as possible, and 25.000 papaya trees have been planted. First price is an oxen! They are active in developing water plants, greenhouses, education, road construction, production of bags, etc. They aid the poorest orphans in Africa. Aid in Action co-operate with local people in Kenya, who now have started Purpose for Life Foundation, and are responsible for the maintenance. 

Erna og Knut Eng's Children Foundation have financed a deep well at $ 35.000, which provides clean and available water for a children's school and a secondary school in the Kikuyuni village and the surrounding area. The donation is for a new 50.000 litre well of 3.000 litre per hour, providing water to 10.000 people. The county provides the electricity. This has prevented children and mothers from fetching water from dirty wells.

Erna og Knut Eng's Children Foundation have also funded a pick-up truck, which now is carrying vegetables and bags from the village to the larger markets in the surrounding cities. In the autumn 2012 we will build the first step of a commercial development centre where the local inhabitants can sell their products. Here, they will be taught farming, and the aim is to increase income for the future.

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Aid in Action
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