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Home Projects Pya Pora Renda Childrens home, Paraguay

Pya Pora Renda Childrens home, Paraguay

Date Donations
2002-2003 $ 52.000

Children's home. 60 pupils get schooling, food and medical help etc.

Pedro Juan Caballero, near the border to Brazil, is a town where poverty rules. Many children grow up without food and shelter, and their mothers are forced to leave their babies on the street while they search for food.

Pya Pora Renda - a children’s day centre in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay is run by Miriam and Alfredo Saucedo. The centre offers day care, food and shelter to 60 children from little babies to school children.
The 60 children, who come to Pya Pora Renda, stay from 6.30 am to 5 pm every day. They eat, play, read and get educational training as well as a daily bath before they go.

A Norwegian missionary couple, Anne-Lise and Ole Jobs Jorud help the day centre by collecting funds.

Anne Lise Jorud
1860 Trøgstad
+47 69 82 69 35