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Children's centre and school, Brazil

Date Donations
2003 $ 145.000

The children’s centre in Tocantis, north of Brazilia, is a centre with school, health services and cultural activities for 400 children 1 to 16 years and their families.

Asbjørn Eikeland, a young electrician from Bergen spent a year doing social work in South America. This experience changed his career. After university studies in social work, he moved to Brazil with his wife, Hitaelane da Silva Eikeland. The young couple has focused on helping the children by helping their families, and giving them a meaningful life, with education, cultural activities and a better health service.

The project was headed by Kirkens Byrnisjon, Bergen, and was fully financed by our foundation.

The centre, situated in the poor district of Casinhas, was opened in November 2004. To finance the operation of the centre, the Tocantis project depends on ongoing sponsorship.


Hita and Asbjørn Eikeland, Ruat Teotono Seguardo No. 20 S. Jardim, Brazil 77500.
Kirkens Bymisjon, Bergen
5918 Frekhaug
Phone: +47 48 25 25 84