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Home Projects Children's hospital, Cameroon

Children's hospital, Cameroon

2000-2003 $145.000
The Norwegian Missionary Society came to Ngaoundere, Cameroon, in 1925. Together with the American Lutheran Mission, they established a the Protestant Hospital, which is now run by the Evangelical Lutheran
Church of Cameroon. A new hospital for children was built with 45 rooms and modern facilities.

The hospital is one of the largest hospitals in this region, with more than 200 beds. Cameroon has an infant mortality rate of 68.3, and 7 percent of the population suffers from HIV/AIDS. (2003).

Dr. Harald Hurum, a missionary and paediatrician, has dedicated his career to helping the people of Ngaoundere. He established a paediatric department at the hospital with funding from our foundation.
Each year, 1200-1500 patients are treated for malaria, pneumoma, gastroenteritis, meningitis, smallpox, malnutrition, tuberculosis and AIDS. The paediatric ward has improved the treatment of paediatric patients offering them separate rooms with nurses and specialized paediatric care.

The Governor, Dr. Harald Hurum and Dr. Bjørn Linnestad together with prominent people at the Childrens Hospital.

In 2015 we drilled for water and set up a well which benefits about 1000 people daily. 


Dr Harald Hurum
Sentralsykehuset Fredrikstad
Phone:(+47) 69 39 19 78