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Home Projects Soptippen children's home, Quito, Ecuador

Soptippen children's home, Quito, Ecuador

Date Donations
2001 $ 110.000

Ulla Brita Palm has built a children home for 200 children, room for dentist and doctor and sewing facilities for their parents.

In 1991 Ulla-Brita Palm initiated a project to help improve the lives of women and children living on what they could find at the dump outside the city of Quito in Ecuador. In a journey to Ecuador, she was shocked to se how these women and children lived, and decided to do something. Today she has created a day centre for the women. The centre houses a kindergarten, a department for newborn babies, well-equipped sewing facilities where the women are being trained in household chores,  The women are given an opportunity to help themselves, and build a better life for their children.

From a life in utter poverty, these women have been able to gain self-respect. They have a safe environment for their children and are able to live a more dignified life.


Ulla Brita Palm
Norra Gubberogatan 13
141663 Gøteborg S., Sweden
Phone:  +46 31 21 23 40
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