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Children's homes, Kaliningrad, Russia

Date Donations
2000-2001 $ 110.000

Cecilie has been working with children in Kaliningrad. She has bought a small farm so they can grow their own vegetables etc.

 In the summer of 1997, a young student, Cecilie Nordstrøm, initiated a programme to help disabled children in Kaliningrad. By establishing “Project Kaliningrad”, she initially focused on supporting a children’s home, housing 234 children aged 7 to 17.

Eventually, 3 institutions now receive the help from Project Kaliningrad. Added to the first institutions are now a youth custody centre, where the children receive training to help them improve their chances of a better life, as well as a home for mentally disabled children.

These children have often been treated in the most inhumane way, where the purpose has been to hide them from the rest of the society and let them die. The conditions for these children have now improved substantially, and many of them are enabled to lead a dignified life.

Extremely bad hygienic conditions and no stimuli have now been substituted by bright colours, improved hygienic conditions and above all, empathy.



Cecilie Nordstrøm,
5155 Bønes, Norway
Phone: +47 40 45 35 30 or +47 92 46 21 16