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Home Projects Ministero de Salud, Ecuador

Ministero de Salud, Ecuador

Date Donation
2000 $ 225.000

Vaccination of 250 000 Children in Ecuador. Our donation gave the Health Ministry in Ecuador the possibility to buy the vaccines.

 Immunization is essential to save children’s lives. Investments that ensure vaccine security will save lives and will be repaid many times over. Presently, vaccines protect nearly threequarters of the world’s children against major childhood illnesses. Yet, every year, more than 2 million children die from diseases that could have been prevented by inexpensive vaccines. According to UNICEF, these are the main arguments for prioritizing immunization programmes.

Healthy children reduce household spending on health care, and enable parents to work. Nearly 70 per cent of Ecuador’s 4.8 million children live in poverty. The Ecuadorian government has launched an Extended Immunization Programme.


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