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Childrens home, Kiev, Ukraine

Date Donations
2001 $ 110.000

Elisabeth Wiborg has been supporting several childrens homes. More than 100 children. Obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Roman Korniyko and his wife Natasha, started Father’s House in 1996, as a ministry dedicated to rescuing street children, abused, neglected and runaway children, and giving them a safe place to live in a Christian family environment.

From a small two-room apartment, the ministry has grown to 10 children’s homes, and a network of many Christian house groups that provide interim foster care.

Father’s House has developed a family model, in which Christian couples take care of a group of children, treating them like their own family.

Father’s House has caught the attention of government authorities, and they use it as a model for all future children’s homes in the country. Churches have approval to start children’s homes based on Father’s House in 25 cities across the Ukraine. Already, seven of these are operating or being built, and an eighth is being planned. In addition to the children who move into the Father’s House, Dr. Korniyko supports children outside with a hot meal on a regular basis.



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