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Europa i fokus, children in Romania

Date Donations
2000 $ 220.000

Franz Johansen has been working among streetchildren in Romania for many years. He has build schools and children homes.


Rumanian children have been living in the sewerage-system under the cities of Rumania, sharing their “home” with rats and cockroaches, in utter darkness and with no food other than what they find on the streets. The founder, Frantz Johansen, had the nerve and heart to investigate into the situation of the children of the gutter, when a little gipsy girl invited him down to see how they lived.

He found thousands of children living in the unworthy surroundings of the gutter. He established the foundation “Europa i fokus” - Europe in Focus, with the purpose to help these children towards a better future.
The foundation has built a centre, with school, vocational school and medical support for tbe children. In addition, the
foundation supports families with clothes and money for their children’s education. Read more at:


Franz Johansen
PB 34, 300001 Drammen, Norway
Phone: (+47) 32 81 05 62 or (+47) 90 82 08 45