Erna & Knut Eng's Children Foundation

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Foreningen Norge Sierra Leone

Date Donations
2006-2010 $ 140.000

We have built a school for 300 boys and a school for 300 girls.

We have donated funds for building a new secondary school for 340 girls, with modern sanitary installation, some of the equipment is transported from Norway, and they have received a van for transport.
This school is now ready for the boys and girls. All of them receive a daily hot meal, and they have got two school uniforms to be worn at school.
In 2010, additional funds were granted to build toilets (see image below).

I relation to the devastating Ebola epidemic in West Africa and Sierra Leone, Foreningen Norge-Sierra Leone was contacted by Dr. Ibrahim Thorlie, a doctor and hospital Director at the country's largest women's hospital in Cottage Freetown as well as Dr. Foday from the largest military hospital. Both doctors explain the difficult and desperate fight the government is experiencing in their effort to control the Ebola outbreak, and the lack of equipment to do this. They have requested Norge-Sierra Leone Forening to assist them with equipment to better handel the increasing Ebola contamination, which is devastating the country. 

With help from the Erna & Knut Eng Children Foundation they will receive 6000 protective suits, 21.000 facemasks, 12.500 gloves, approximately 1200 liters of Chlorine, boots, anti-bacterial gel, wound-bandages, gauze patches, catheters, band aids and various other medical equipment. All the equipment was packaged and sent in a 20ft container to Sierra Leone, which will arrive by the end of this month.

In 2016 we built a gathering hall at Prosperity Girls High School. The hall will be used by the 250-350 students at Prosperity Girls High School and the 10 000 residents in the village Rotifunk. The students will use the hall for different events affiliated to the school.


Alton Bendu, tel.: +47 93032928