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Zulufadder, South Africa

Date Donations
2007-2010 $ 95.000

Building houses for orphans with AIDS. Their aim is to help as many children as possible in Eshowe, a district in Zululand, South Africa.

Zulufadder is an organization established by Mari Maurstad and Ragnhild (Rung) Button in March 2005. Many of the children are orphans; in most cases, AIDS claimed the lives of their parents. It is not uncommon to find as many as 15 children living together with their grandmother or aunt in the same hut. They do not have enough money for food or school fees, which again means no education.

In 2007 a house was built for 10 children and 4 young people. The funds left over from this project was used for the hall at Simunye, and finished in 2010. This hall is used by 110 children tied to Zulufadder. They are given help with homework, dance lessons and singing several hours a week.
In addition, it functions as a kindergarten during school sessions, and a library is being built. An average of 200 siblings and 100 parents use the facilities.
Next to the hall, based on a donation by Randi Nielsen, a smaller building is being made for pregnant, HIV-postive and information about mental disorders and other conditions will be communicated to the locals.

Health personnel, teachers and other skilled people make the Zulufadder to be a very important project in South Africa, and additional tutoring for extra skilled pupils will be organized.

Mari and child. Photo: Zulufadder. Woman holding model.


Mari Maurstad, 00 47 21385699
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