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A Better life, Burkina Faso

Date Donations
2005-2014 $ 285.000
This organization runs a hospital in Burkino Faso. A team of doctors and nurses from Norway make voluntary visits for open cleft lip surgery. 125 children have been operated so far. Other teams make clubfoot surgery which have included 51 children so far.

In 2005 a bus was purchased, this bus has two operating tables and all equipment for cataract surgery. The bus was completely renovated and aircondition installed. Dr.Hilde Heger, chief physician at the eye clinic at Ullevål hospital in Oslo has visited the bus and instructed the local doctors and nurses. This bus may also be used by doctors from other countries. Since the purchase of the bus in 2005  abt. 9000 cataract operations and abt. 50,000 consultations have been carried out. According to Dr. Sanfo, the local doctor, the bus will be the base for approximately 2000 operations every year. Erna and Knut have paid directly for 1005 cataract operations, where blind patients have regained their eyesight. They have also directly funded around 8000 consultations and donated a microscope as well as additional operational equipment.

An old clinic will be refitted with modern equipment for cataract operation. A local doctor, Mr. Francois Campaore will control the operation. Another 2500 operations per year will be added to the capacity.

109 people were operated in Koupela.

Educating 50 nurses and giving them bicycles for annual health control of 200 families each. Supporting a camp for "witches", with beds, toilets, kitchen equipment over a four-year period. 

The cataract project

Since 2005 and through to 2014, Better Life Norway has received 1.255.000 NOK from Erna & Knut Eng's Barnefond. The money has been used on the following:
  • The mobile operation unit - the bus - was repaired with operation equipment, air condition and used from 2005. NOK 235.000.
  • The mobile operation unit, as well as the Koungoussi nuns and Dr. Francois Compaore have operated a total of more than 10.000 blind, and consulted about 50.000 sick. NOK 240.000.
  • The children foundation has paid direct for 1.292 cataract operations where the blind have regained their sight. NOK 1.195.000.
  • 10.250 consultations
  • A microscope and operation equipment has been donated
This has been directly managed and financed by Erna and Knut Eng's Children Foundation. By the end of 2014 the Cataract-bus will have operated on approximately 10.220 blind people who lost their sight due to cataract. In addition, around 65.000 patients will have been consulted. 

Moreover, Erna and Knut Eng sold Macramee jewelry from Anita Huitfeldt to her daughter Eline Huitfeldt for NOK 100,000. The money from the auction went directly to cover additional cataract operations.

The above project is the result of Erna and Knut Eng's Children Foundation's investment in the restoration and preparation of the Cataract bus and making it operational in 2005. The Rotary in Kolbotn has invested in operational equipment worth 75.000 NOK, Skaugen Charitable Foundation has donated one mission in 2014, and Tor Johansen together with three friends has also donated one mission with the bus in 2014. Lion's Copenhagen has financed several trips with the cataract-bus directly through Dr. Ousmane Sanfo.

Cleft lip and other donations

Donations have also been made to the following:
  • Equipment, matresses, beds, medicines, toilets for the old "witches" of Ouagadougou, who are older women who are rejected by the local society
  • Educating 50 nurses and providing them with bicycles for annual health control of families according to need (capacity of at least 200 families per nurse)
  • Donations for A Better Life Foundation, Geneva, which has been used for A Better Life Day Care Centre, with the NOMA project and operations of club foot and cleft lips.


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