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Scanaid, Gambia

Date Donations
2003-2010 $ 950.000

In 2003, donations were provided for building of a high school in Brufut. The school was ready in 2004, and was opened with several hundred guests in September.

Erna and Knut Eng were both present at the opening, which was covered by an extended media. Both Gambia National TV and Gambia National Radio had this as their main story on the evening news, and the four largest newspapers had great articles the following day. The school was supported by NORAD the first three years.

In December 2008, Erna and Knut Eng sold 51 stocks in Skiplander worth NOK 51,000 to further support Scanaid. 

Starting at 16 employees and 90 students in three classes, the school has successively been extended with the number of employees and number of students. The studies were extended in 2007, as Erna and Knut Engs Children’s Foundation had three class rooms built, for the purpose of teaching chemistry, physics and biology.

In 2009, ScanAid received further donations for the purchase of the neighboring plot. This is being used as a football field and covers the student’s need for physical outdoor activities during gym classes.

Today, 12 classrooms are utilised with the maximum support of Erna and Knut Engs Children’s Foundation, with a cantine/kitchen, administration building with teachers room. In addition, there are separate toilets for employees, boys and girls. The extended area is now 1.450 m².

Today, ScanAid rooms 370 students and 35 employees. Since the beginning in 2004, 694 students have graduated, of which 312 are girls and 382 are boys. The school results are above average, compared to other schools, and is in a positive trend. In addition to the above, Erna and Knut Engs Children’s Foundation has supported maintenance and remediation of the school buildings, as well as the daily operation.

The past years, ScanAid has received full support for the finance of 16 students at the University of Gambia. They have studied at the level of Masters degree and Bachelor degree, and the philosophy has been helping the most clever students with further education at university level. The studies include medicine, law, nursing, accounting, human rights, IT, tourism, finance and education.


Total donations for building projects $ 500.000
Purchase of neighboring plot $ 25.000
Maintenance $ 21.000
Support for students $ 60.000
Total $ 606.000

Number of graduates > 1.000
Number of supported university students 16
Building mass for education 1.450
Number of employees 35
Total 370


Jørgen Bredesen
Oslo : +47 48 25 25 84