Erna & Knut Eng's Children Foundation

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About us

Erna and Knut Engs Children’s Foundation was established in 2001. The support goes directly to the persons or institutions who manages the projects in order to avoid unnecessary cost and intermediary. We concentrate on support for schools, hospitals, water projects, vaccination etc, all to the benefit for children.

Erna and Knut Eng wish the trust we have given to the foundation to be administered at the best possible way for the World's weakest. The fund shall be used where it can reach as many as possible, and the investments shall be secured as probate of property, and thorough research will be conducted towards political and financial condition of the country in question.

In addition, the Foundation is sober and frugal, and the means are not to be utilised on expensive offices, regular office help, fine dining or expensive travels, in order to cut project lines abroad.

The board members must be chosen out of genuine interest, and they do not necessarily need to be recruited from large organizations where an administration is a culture. They also ought to have a global perspective and be able to find support projects where you get most out of the funds, without considering boundaries.

At least one competent family member should be a board member. Board members:

  • Erna Eng
  • Ingrid Stange
  • Kåre Grønli
  • Margret Stray-Pedersen
  • Sten L. Ruud